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277 Holloway Ln, Register, GA 30452

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TK9 Police

Police Canine Training

TK9 partners with your Law Enforcement department to establish the level of dog needed and the level of training that will best fit the propose of your department. At TK9, we prefer to provide the dog due to the extreme level of scrutiny placed on Safety and Performance for your K9 Team. We can however work with your dog. TK9 provides Police dogs for: Patrol, Detection, Tracking, and Apprehension. We can focus the dog to perform one task and/or multi-tasks depending on the needs of your department. TK9 focuses on pairing the right dog with the handler to achieve the most effective results. As part of the package, we include training of the K9 team for both the Dog and Handler. Our dogs are invaluable team members to your Law Enforcement Department, delivering a psychological deterrent, a keen sense of smell, protection for your officers, commanding control over situations, and an additional level of safety and security for your officers and the public served that only a K9 can provide.


Problem solving for your existing K9 team:

  • Tactical Obedience
  • Odor Detection (Narcotic/ Explosive)
  • Apprehension
  • Tracking

Dogs for sale:

  • Full Service K9
  • Dual purpose K9
  • Single purpose K9
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