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Puppy Program

The idea behind socialization is to help your puppy become acclimated to all types of sights, sounds, and smells in a positive manner. Proper socialization can prevent a dog from always being fearful of children, riding in a car, people, or public environments, and it will help your puppy develop into a happy well-mannered companion. We at Tactical K-9 achieve this by taking your puppy out to numerous places; exposing them to many different sights, sounds, and experiences. All resulting in a well-mannered and confident puppy.‍

Basic Obedience

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Return to sit (dog comes from down to sitting position)
  • Climb (dog stays on a designated item)
  • Heel with auto-sit (automatically sit when owner stops walking)
  • Come (while on leash)
  • Recall (dog comes when called)
  • Polite greeting (not jumping on guests)

Your dog will also get to socialize with other temperament-matched dogs as well as learning household manners.

Advanced Obedience

Our Advanced Obedience Course incorporates the fundamentals learned in Basic Obedience while working with your dog around a variety of distractions including other animals, noisy public environments, crowds of people, and different surfaces. Upon completion of this course, you will have total off-leash control of your dog. All commands taught in previous courses are done without a leash

Reactivity / Aggression

Our aggression rehabilitation program is designed for the dogs who growl, snap, bite, or even attack at the sight of another human, dog, livestock, etc. Whether your dog’s aggression is based on fear, food, defensiveness, or possessive behavior, we can help!

Behavioral Modification

When dealing with unwanted, destructive, or aggressive behaviors, focusing solely on what your dog does while ignoring the underlying problems (anxiety, for example) never works. Tactical K-9 focuses on two key elements: your dog’s triggers and establishing a strong training foundation appropriate for altering how your dog thinks, feels and acts. Our Behavior Modification program goes far beyond basic obedience training and focuses on what’s going on inside your dog’s mind and causing the behavioral issues. We will fundamentally change your dog’s reaction to situations, people, and things.

Service Dog

A Service Dog, not to be confused with a Working Dog, is a type of Assistance Dog specifically trained to help people with disabilities such as visual or hearing impairments, mental illnesses (for example Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD), seizure disorder, mobility impairment, and diabetes. Before starting our Service Dog Training Program, we first make sure your dog has the right temperament for a service dog.

Therapy Dog

If you’re looking for emotional or physical support, look no further – you’ve come to the right place. Anyone can benefit from the unique animal-to-human bond; it’s our personal commitment to you to help you and your dog become a great therapy team. At Tactical K9 Approach we offer a customized program tailored to your dogs needs to help them reach their optimum potential as a Therapy Dog

Group Classes

Group classes are designed for families that want to be involved with their dog’s training and want to benefit from group socialization. Unlike private lessons, group classes allow you and your dog to work around other dogs and people. It is important that your dog can function and follow commands in a busy, distracting environment. A dog with set boundaries, also well-mannered, and positively reinforced, is a happy dog! And if your dog is happy and confident, you will be too.

Personal Protection

Personal Protection Dogs are trained for one specific function – to protect you, your family and property. Contrary to common misconceptions, they also offer companionship as a trusted friend. Unlike the commonly perceived “guard dogs” or “sentry dogs” – which are trained to aggress on any perceived invasion of their domain without command – Personal Protection Dogs are trained to react only when commanded by their owner.

Executive Level Protection

Executive Protection dogs are trained to react when commanded by their owner and without command when their owner is threatened or unable to command the dog. These dogs are highly socialized and adapt to constantly changing environments.
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